Why do we let tribes sell illegal fireworks?

OlympiaJanuary 15, 2014 

Once again another holiday celebrated by giant explosions around the county. It’s bad enough we endure this on the holiday but now around the Fourth of July it lasts for weeks and several days around Jan. 1.

Animals suffer the most. The stress level with animals is beyond cruelty; it is torture. If you have ever had to spend the night up with your animal, you know what I mean.

Probably none of the fireworks being blown up are legal. If you and I were to sell this stuff we would be in federal prison, yet the tribes continue to sell it, and every year it gets more lethal. It is out of control. There are laws in place but never enforced.

If we look cross-eyed at an endangered mole or bird, we could go to jail. I wonder what all these endangered species are doing during June, July, and Jan. 1? Seems like a double standard. If our county leaders are so concerned about the environment, where are they on this?

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