Red state dogmas are a threat to freedoms

OlympiaJanuary 16, 2014 

Winner of the hypocrisy-double standard award goes to extremists in charge of 12 red states under Republican legislative, executive and/or judicial rule. In these states we have now witnessed the real face of sexism, religious extremism and constitutional duplicity.

The mantra: freedom, big government is the enemy and constitutional rights. The reality: a First Amendment right to assemble, except Arizona and Texas where Latinos cannot gather in groups of 3 or more. Equal protection under the law, except in Texas, where if you are black, drunk and kill someone you get 10 years; if you’re spoiled rotten, rich and kill folks you get probation.

Prohibiting a woman and her doctor from deciding what’s best for her health, forcing ultrasounds and probes, and now telling a paramedic husband in Texas that his brain-dead paramedic pregnant wife must stay on life-support contrary to her wishes until the baby is delivered (same law in 11 other states) reveals those who hide behind our national ideals when it suits them, then trample the same ideals in their ideological extremism, to be the dogmatists, liars and a real threat to our freedoms.

Government isn’t the enemy; those who abuse power are.

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