Inslee blasts GOP in Senate for carbon-tax innuendos

The Seattle TimesJanuary 16, 2014 

Gov. Jay Inslee blasted the GOP-led majority in the Senate for suggesting he had a hidden plan to impose a carbon tax through executive order.

Inslee singled out Sen. Curtis King, co-chairman of the Senate Transportation Committee, in a three-page letter for suggesting the governor “come clean” with his plans for such a tax.

“I have never proposed, nor discussed proposing, a ‘carbon-fuel tax,’ ” Inslee wrote in a letter Thursday to leaders of the Senate majority. “I have discussed a low carbon-fuel standard as a mechanism to develop cleaner fuels for our state. There is no element of a clean-fuels standard that could in any way be called a tax.

“That you choose to call it a tax suggests that this effort is more about fear mongering or excuses for inaction than an actual discussion of the costs of reducing pollution from our transportation system.”

Senate Republican leaders, who could not immediately be reached for comment, have argued for several weeks that Inslee was threatening efforts to craft a multibillion- dollar transportation-tax package with a secret plan to impose a carbon tax or low-carbon-fuel standards through executive order or agency regulation.


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