Seahawks fan tells 49ers’ Harbaugh to stop crying

RainierJanuary 19, 2014 

Our cry-baby Harbaugh (49ers head coach) is coming back to CenturyLink to cry us a river when our (Seahawks) players actually touch one of theirs or want a touchdown when the referees called it right and it wasn’t one, as in the last game they played. He must have been a real brat to raise because he hasn’t grown up yet and I hold little hope he ever will.

Will the refs spoil him some more, or will we get an honest game from them? Harbaugh, please duct-tape your mouth and don’t run crying to mommy or the refs, whomever will spoil you some more.

Just play ball for a change. I still won’t like you, but I will respect you.

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