Is medical pot really a recreational cover?

OlympiaJanuary 20, 2014 

The drug war is a history of lies, rumors, racism and bad science that continues to this day. In the discussions related to Initiative 502 and medical marijuana, we have heard some questionable comments from government officials, especially the claim that many of the people using medical marijuana are using it for recreational reasons. So far no surveys or studies to support this claim have been made public to my knowledge.

However a study published in the journal “Addiction Research & Theory” is certain to raise questions about that claim by the officials. Of the subjects in the study results show that “Over 41 percent state that they use cannabis as a substitute for alcohol …36.1 percent ... as a substitute for illicit substances …and 67.8 percent ... as a substitute for prescription drugs …The three main reasons cited for cannabis-related substitution are less withdrawal (67.7 percent), fewer side-effects (60.4 percent), and better symptom management suggesting that many patients may have already identified cannabis as an effective and potentially safer adjunct or alternative to their prescription drug regimen.”

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