When will humankind disappear from Earth?

LaceyJanuary 21, 2014 

It’s a very uncertain world, but then it was intended to be this way. Considering the events of our known history as the emerging dominant species on this experimental planet, overflowing with competing variations of animal/material life, we’ve never been more than one mistake away from extinction.

“What if” we really do live on a planet where new designs of life were/are, planned, developed and concluded.

We tell ourselves how bold we are to face this uncertainty with faith in the judgement of our chosen leaders — why? Mankind is very fortunate to have come along when we did. Evidence of past civilizations’ short-term success makes speculation about our span of dominant status questionable. History shows us that life forms arrive/evolve here, spend a while enjoying the experience and then disappear.

Our future remains uncertain but when does our part of this experiment close? We just don’t know. How much can we effect or change that destination? I hope some leaders are capable of figuring out what can be done to keep the doors of opportunity open.

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