Some love the diversity of downtown Olympia

OlympiaJanuary 24, 2014 

I post this letter in response to the occasional letter trashing downtown Olympia and criticizing city government for its inability to solve problems of panhandling, drugs, etc. I, for one, will continue to go downtown to enjoy the vibrancy and diversity.

Yes, there are times of discomfort when confronted with panhandlers, but I will not let fear or my being judgmental of people I don’t know to stop me from enjoying the coffee shops, lunch counters, restaurants or the many interesting shops. I will continue to get my haircut downtown, shop the many book stores, and enjoy the many festivities that citizens work so hard to make happen.

I may take the bus and walk to my destinations, or I may drive and gladly pay the parking fees. I may even walk the few miles and then take the bus home.

I agree with letter writers who ask city government to work on the many problems, and if they are uncomfortable in the city environment, then by all means, don’t go.

Keep in mind, a city is not a suburban shopping mall.

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