Why give Boeing a large tax break?

YelmJanuary 24, 2014 

It is interesting how The Olympian did not criticize the governor and state legislators for offering Boeing a nearly $9 billion tax break that could have been used to help fund education and the transportation bills that the editorial staff is asking for taxes to be raised for.

Why is it that we the people must continue to pay more in taxes yet multi-billion dollar companies are able to be given tax breaks, even prior to the union vote taking place. Why such a large tax break? Could they not assist with paying for the improved education that they state will allow better employee candidates in the future? Could they not pay more into the transportation infrastructure that is needed to move their products around?

Yes, it is a necessary evil to give tax breaks to companies in hopes they stay in the state and continue to add to the tax base through employment and other means. But they should also be paying their fare share.

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