Washington is among worst states for gender gap in income

The Seattle TimesJanuary 25, 2014 

For a pretty progressive state, Washington looks practically backward when it comes to one key metric of gender equality: the pay gap between men and women.

A new report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the typical woman in Washington makes only 76 percent of what a typical man makes.

Nationwide, the women’s-to-men’s earnings ratio is at a slightly more equitable level of 80.9 percent.

The median weekly pay for women working full time in Washington was $746 in 2012, compared with $982 for men, data released Friday show. Only five other states had a larger pay gap between men and women.

The worst was Wyoming, where women made 65.5 percent of the men’s median, followed by Louisiana, at 72 percent; West Virginia, 72.6 percent; Alaska, 73.9 percent; and Mississippi, 75 percent.

The other Washington, as in D.C., was by far the best for women in terms of both actual pay and disparity. Women’s median weekly pay in D.C., at $1,072, was 94.8 percent of men’s.


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