Catching up with former Seahawks QB Matt Hasselbeck

Staff writerJanuary 27, 2014 

— The media swarmed in and around Times Square on Monday.

Fox Sports set up shop for a live afternoon broadcast. The network built an indoor studio on-site with floor-to-ceiling glass windows overlooking the flashing lights and tall buildings. Commentators, including Curt Menefee and Jimmy Johnson, made their way to a stage next to the street outside during a commercial break. It had an ice sculpture of the Lombardi Trophy atop a miniature faux football field.

Fans and bystanders gathered around the set and cheered on queue as videographers panned the crowd. Outlier cameramen took footage of traffic zooming by and tourists soaking in the Big Apple.

A camera on top of a crane took aerial footage of the entire crowd to display on one of the many large video screens.

Back at radio row, Fox sent the broadcast to Chris Myers and special co-host Matt Hasselbeck.

Hasselbeck had nothing but love – if not a prediction for the Super Bowl – for his former team.

Hasselback, now the backup quarterback to Andrew Luck in Indianapolis, said he’s impressed with the Seahawks' starting quarterback, head coach and loud fans.

“If it’s not your team playing, you just root for your friends,” Hasselbeck said after hosting a Fox Sports segment with Myers.

Hasselbeck said second-year quarterback Russell Wilson has had a great start to his NFL career and should not change his approach for Sunday’s game against the Denver Broncos.

“I don’t think he needs any advice from me,” Hasselbeck said. “I hear him saying all the right things.”

In his 10 seasons with the Seahawks, Hasselbeck set many franchise records and led the team to its first Super Bowl trip. He said he learned a lot from his last season with the Seahawks under head coach Pete Carroll. He said Carroll’s coaching style, which has drawn both praise and criticism, has a record that speaks for itself.

“I wish I would’ve had more years to get to play with him,” Hasselbeck said. “I still use a lot of the things he taught me in that one year today.”

And, of course, Hasselbeck couldn’t leave out his appreciation for the 12th Man.

“I don’t think a fan base has ever contributed to so many wins,” he said. “They’re famous fans.”

When asked about who he thought would win, he said, “I’ve got to study a little bit more. It should be a great game, though. I know that.”

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