$175 million school bond just takes his breath away

LaceyJanuary 28, 2014 

Why are the North Thurston public schools asking for such a large amount of money in this bond drive? $175 million? It just takes your breath right away.

And when I looked closely — and critically — at their list, such things as seismic equipment are listed. Seismic equipment? Why seismic equipment? Should I have that at home for my safety? As I recall we voters paid for updated technology, computers and software the last time one of these bonds was up for a vote. Structural components of the schools – roofs, electrical, etc. was used as the justification. Why is the learning environment lacking? What happened to all that money we gave them?

If this passes would we really have one of the lower school tax rates in the county? Or in the state? Or along the Pacific rim? Would it really be a low tax rate if closely examined?

How many people out of work would that help? How many homeless veterans would that house and feed? How many mentally ill could be treated? Unemployment has been at an almost high record and the schools want to suck yet more money from us. We’re already paying enough money for them.

The schools should really look closely at their top-heavy structure for money saving options. Just verbalize it: $175 million. No more bonds!

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