Inslee proposes closing tax breaks to fund education

The Seattle TimesJanuary 28, 2014 

Inslee Proposals

In a Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014 file photo, Gov. Jay Inslee speaks during the annual State of the State address to a joint session of the Legislature in the House chambers, in Olympia, Wash.

ELAINE THOMPSON — Associated Press

Gov. Jay Inslee on Tuesday proposed closing several tax breaks to put an additional $200 million into K-12 education between now and the end of the 2015 fiscal year.

Closing the tax breaks, including repealing exemptions for bottled water and janitorial services, is also projected to bring in another $414 million during the next two-year budget that lawmakers will write next year.

While House Democrats support putting more money into education this year, Republicans, who control the Senate, argue the Legislature can wait.

Inslee, during his state of the state address earlier this month, proposed increasing education funding, noting the state Supreme Court recently warned lawmakers they weren’t moving fast enough to meet a court mandate on K-12 spending.


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