Sell Sylvester Park for development, jobs

OlympiaJanuary 29, 2014 

Just read The Olympian opinion on the city of Olympia reclaiming Sylvester Park. The editorial includes the history of the park, the city’s “fondness for open spaces” and “robbing money from established parks to fund the isthmus development to take on another tax-dollar-eating project.” The major costs of this park are described as “sweeping the park of discarded syringes and policing drug-related and violent crimes.”

The recommendation of The Olympian appears to be to acquire the park at the cost of the state. My question is why continue funding transients and drug users at the expense of taxpaying citizens? I am sick of heroin users desecrating our state’s Capitol.

As an example, while visiting Percival Landing Park I was turned back from using the restroom facility due to blood contamination from someone shooting up in the restroom. I don’t understand how the local government permits such things to happen in the capital city.

I suggest rather than commit taxpayer funds to support further illegal activities in our parks, obtain and sell the Sylvester Park property for development that will generate revenue for the state in the initial purchase and with future contributions through taxes and job creation.

Hey Olympia … keep it real!

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