Where can a Broncos fan watch the Super Bowl in Tacoma?

Staff writerJanuary 31, 2014 

United in Orange but hundreds of miles from Sports Authority Field at Mile High in Denver, Broncos fans in the South Sound are, for the most part, apparently hunkering down with friends and family.

The News Tribune was able to find just one organized gathering of Broncos fans in public in the South Sound. Cyrus Bonnet of Tacoma has quickly pulled together a meet-up at Cheers Bar and Grill, 2611 Pacific Ave., after a gathering at a Seattle restaurant outgrew its venue.

Bonnet said he expects about 60 Broncos fans to show, but "the more the merrier."

Jen Johnson, grew up on the Western Slope of Colorado and later moved across the Rocky Mountains to Denver, won't be there. Come Super Bowl Sunday, she and her husband expect to be the only Denver fans at a friend's house full of Seahawks fans.

“We have been taken in as wayward children,” Johnson said.

She and her husband, Ross, once took the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle and marveled that while there were almost no cars on the ferry, an upper deck was packed with walk-ons in Seahawks gear.

“If this doesn’t convince us to become Hawks fans, nothing will,” she thought at the time.

But the couple’s blood runs blue and orange, especially in a season like this one. Johnson, who moved here five months ago, said she couldn’t help but notice the differences between Broncos and Seahawks fans.

“This isn’t Denver’s first rodeo,” Johnson explained. “Denver has lost Super Bowls and won Super Bowls. It’s very much a sports town. The fanbase here is still figuring out their identity. The 12th Man thing, that’s licensed from Texas A&M. It’s not an original concept.”

Dan Wilson of Puyallup said he plans to turn on the game at his in-laws' place after he and his family attend church.

"Yes, they are Seahawks fans," he said of his in-laws "which will make it a memorable game."

Wilson grew up in Cheyenne, Wyo., 90 minutes north of Denver and just on the other side of the Colorado-Wyoming border. The lifelong fan even attended a Broncos summer camp in Greeley, Colo., where he met a young John Elway, the Broncos quarterback who has achieved mythic status in the Centennial State.

“He was friendly,” Wilson said of Elway, “I still remember meeting him when I was young.”

So far, Wilson said Seahawks fans have been friendly as he ventured out in Broncos jerseys with his family, with 10- and 13-year-old sons and a 17-year-old daughter, all in orange.

“A lot of people are like ‘Ah, you’re one of those,’” Wilson said. “Nobody’s been outright rude.”

Jen Johnson said she admires Seattle fans’ spirit and effort.

“It’s kind of funny to see people keep their Seahawks Christmas decorations up,” Johnson added.

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