Seahawks Bingo

News Tribune staffJanuary 31, 2014 


1. Read your game cards and voice your reservations about the clues before the game starts. No whining allowed after the kickoff.

2. Playing multiple cards is allowed. You decide what people "pay" for extra chances to win.

3. Winning doesn't have to conform to a straight line, or a diagonal five-square row. Maybe in honor of football-viewing tradition, you might want to play six-pack Bingo. This means you have two adjacent rows of three, so that it's viewed as a six pack from above. Or you might insist that all squares be completed for a game card to win.

4. When you see your clue on-screen, you have to shout it out. You can play that if various people have the same clue on their game card each gets to mark it off when someone shouts. Or you can play that those who miss it have to wait for another opportunity.

5. Keep going until one player completes the designated bingo pattern and claims the prize.

P.S. Skittles make excellent bingo markers.

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