State lacks bottom line of revenue for services

OlympiaFebruary 1, 2014 

Discovery Pass is a success, but Republicans disagree. Really, then what are you going to do about it?

Fact is, fees for passes, licenses, gas taxes, school levies, etc. are how this state pays for the services we all use and enjoy. We have no basic bottom line of income for the state, something that just about everybody and every business pays a theoretical fair share of.

A state income tax is absolute anathema to elected state officials not because it is necessarily bad but because it would make re-election harder for many of them. That is logical on their part, no one likes paying taxes and they would be blamed, but everyone wants to use the services taxes provide.

Washington has one of the most regressive taxation models in the entire country. Raising the gas tax to fund transportation sounds good but it effects the poor disproportionately, while we give huge tax breaks to extremely successful businesses such as Boeing.

The state cannot fund education as directed by the state Supreme Court, so we hold special elections to fund our education. Poor cities have poorer schools, wealthy cities have better schools.

Where is our basic bottom line, so that there is fairness in who and how we pay for services that we all use?

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