Patrol officer should pay for Seahawks tickets

OlympiaFebruary 4, 2014 

At a Seattle Seahawk game, then Commander Ken Noland while moonlighting, knowingly managed to get his son and son’s girlfriend, neither with a ticket, into the game after being told by an attendant that no ticket-no entry. But sneak them in he did and noticed by another State Patrol officer also moonlighting. Both in uniform, off duty, but earning private money in a public uniform? Hummmm.

State Patrol Chief John Batiste “reassigned” not demoted Noland to the rank of lieutenant. Now this isn’t really a big deal as at the rank of lieutenant he still earns $102,000 per year. Good Grief. $8,500 a month seems pretty high to me. Wonder what it would have been if he was demoted?

And no mention of restitution to the Seattle Seahawks. Sure looks like theft, pure and simple. What about it chief? Is he going to pay the cost of two tickets? Seems only right. I’d guess this will be quietly swept away.

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