Another example of county incompetence

TeninoFebruary 7, 2014 

The Olympian published an article on the county closing a bridge along Littlerock Road because of structural deficiencies. That is what happens when you continuously raid the transportation account in order to pay for non-essential, pet projects.

Is this the commissioners’ way of reducing the carbon footprint? Or will it increase the carbon footprint since people will have to drive longer distances? (So much for imaginary environmental gains.) Maybe this is political payback for rural residents who generally have not supported these commissioners.

The commissioners can build a jail, but can’t open it. They can spend taxpayer money on their pet environmental causes, but can’t maintain roads. They can squander millions of dollars on a building, then reduce its value by giving away the parking lot for a homeless camp.

Of course, they did save some money recently by getting rid of the lowest-paid workers on the county staff. There is a pattern of incompetence and hubris by this Thurston County Commission. Thank you for reporting on yet another example.

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