Judge made bad call about the Super Bowl

OlympiaFebruary 8, 2014 

It is our understanding from The Olympian (Jan. 31) that a decision was made to allow Shaun Goodman the privilege to go to the Super Bowl. According to the article, Goodman is currently pending felony charges. Allegedly, he decided to drive recklessly, from the Westside of Olympia, through the downtown area at excessive speeds, attempted to elude police officers, endangered a terrified passenger (unlawful imprisonment) and ultimately crashed his 2000 Ferrari F360 into a parked car at a privately owned home where he was finally apprehended at gunpoint.

Apparently, Goodman is not a threat to community safety as he satisfied his bail and was then allowed to leave the state for a “once in a lifetime opportunity.”

The good news is he was required to wear a “SCRAM” electronic monitoring device which measures whether a person has consumed alcohol. We are not so confident Goodman was able to resist the “beer here!” solicitations he was bound to hear, due to his current charges and history of poor choices. KIRO-TV reported five prior DUIs for Goodman.

I suggest he experience a “once in a lifetime opportunity” as a resident of our state prison system or, maybe, he will just become a frequent flier.

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