Oil trains represent latest economic game

HoquiamFebruary 8, 2014 

Congratulations for the articles on oil-train problems. Any news follower has become pretty aware something was rotten in Denmark. The Port of Grays Harbor was only blocked from their headlong rush to build oil export facilities by a Quinault Tribe/environmental group lawsuit that threw out their grossly insufficient Environmental Impact Report.

This exposes a greater problem. There is an inevitable rush of finance capital to invest money into the latest gold mine. Such was the repeal of Glass/Stiegel, which led to a false mortgage boom and then our Great Recession from which our communities still suffer.

Now the above suspects have rushed into a dangerous method of extracting gas and crude without any thoughtful review on short- and long-term environmental consequences, but with the added spin of “ending our reliance on foreign — Middle East — oil,” with the barely suppressed undertones of anti-Muslim prejudice. They didn’t bother to point out that they had already shifted their major importing source to the political/environmental disaster of Alberta tar sands crude.

This boom/bust financial game by wealthy players gives no thought to the welfare of average citizens, gladly getting bipartisan support from politicians, many of whom can only see as far as the next election.

How many jobs have been sent overseas to the source of cheapest exploitable labor? How many of our raw logs shipped off to Asia, with minimal local economic benefit? Where is the sanity in all of this?

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