Pacific Partner Treaty undermines democracy

SteilacoomFebruary 9, 2014 

While the media distracts us with the latest hype about Justin Bieber, the Grammys and Richard Sherman, Congress fast-tracks the most un-American legislation ever devised. Negotiated in secret with no debate on the floor of Congress, the (Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty or TPP) prohibits us from filing lawsuits against participating corporations, while enabling those companies to sue our states for limiting their profits.

The TPP establishes corporate tribunals to hear lawsuits, circumventing our legal system. Thank God that WikiLeaks revealed portions of this secret treaty. The TPP represents the final nail in the coffin of citizen sovereignty, substituting multinational corporate feudalism for American democracy, and turning our middle class into serfs for the Wall Street elite.

Yes, I enjoyed the Super Bowl, but I will also contact Congress and raise my voice against the PPT. Please join me if you value your freedom.

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