Gas tax still is best for paying for road

SheltonFebruary 12, 2014 

I am shocked that we are paying for these ridiculous road tax studies. GPS tracking, odometer checks?

“Honey, did you remember to take the car down for the odometer check. If you go on Thursday, it will only take two hours off work.” How about I just wind the odometer back?

The gas tax automatically charges for in-state road usage. Good. It proportionately charges for heavier vehicles that damage roads more, and it charges for a larger carbon footprint. Good. All of these new proposals take away these advantages with a flat tax per mile.

We need to encourage fuel efficiency, not discourage it. Who pays the increased collection costs? Is it OK if the state makes more money. No. If it costs a dollar more to collect a dollar, who pays? We do.

All of the proposed systems would add more government bureaucracy and cost more. If more money is needed, collect the gas tax on the dollar amount instead of the gallon to automatically adjust for inflation. To keep electric cars from getting a free ride, put a road tax on tires.

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