Debate over minimum wage continues in SeaTac

KIRO-TVFebruary 12, 2014 

A Port of Seattle meeting to talk about quality jobs was attacked by the same group who pushed for a $15 per hour minimum wage in the city of SeaTac. “It’s a puppet show,” said Heather Weiner with Yes for SeaTac. Weiner said no one who testified really spoke for the workers who need more money.

In December, a King County judge ruled the city's new minimum wage did not apply to workers at SeaTac Airport because it is run by the Port of Seattle. Since the ruling, there has been pressure on the Port.

At the meeting on Tuesday, many of the speakers were business leaders who argued a higher minimum wage would be crippling. However, despite what Weiner said, airport restaurant worker Jennifer Fulton did make a passionate plea in support of the new SeaTac law.

Commission president Courtney Gregoire said the meeting was a good first step. She said the Port plans to have some job quality proposals by this summer. Still, the Washington State Supreme Court is expected to look at an appeal of the King County ruling in the spring. The court could impose $15 per hour minimum wage at SeaTac Airport.

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