Governor, president defying people’s will

OlympiaFebruary 18, 2014 

The governor of Washington is one person, barely elected to head the executive branch of this state. One of his duties is to enforce the laws of Washington. If my memory serves me correctly, the Legislature and the voters have passed laws in support of capital punishment.

Now the governor has publicly gone against the wishes of the people of this state and their legislative representatives and says he will not enforce the law. Is this really what the majority of Washington’s voters want from their leaders?

Let’s change the enforcement of laws by decree, and then later we can have discussions about it. Really? It seems somehow reminiscent of our president selecting which laws to enforce or modify at his whim, regardless of what Americans want, and totally against his authority as defined in the Constitution.

For the most part our political representatives have become out-of-control megalomaniacs by their continuous and blatant disregard of the wishes of the electorate. It is time to remove these anti-Americans from office and get our constitutional republic back.

Replace them with representatives that will perform their duty to uphold the Constitution. Our liberty and our pursuit of happiness depend upon it.

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