Did Inslee open a door for banning abortions?

OlympiaFebruary 25, 2014 

A child might start a conversation at dinner by saying, “No! I won’t eat my broccoli! I don’t like it!” But it’s shocking when an elected official, sworn to uphold our laws and constitution, decides to start a conversation the same way.

Yet, that’s exactly what Gov. Jay Inslee did when he issued his moratorium on the death penalty. Inslee accepted the job knowing full well what it would entail. Isn’t it nice that he can decide which of his duties he’ll perform for himself?

Now, I know that governors of other states – Oregon and Colorado – have also recently declared personal moratoriums on the death penalty. But they’re both dealing with their failed Obamacare websites and related frauds, so they’re not exactly good role models for our governor.

In the long run, no matter what your position is on the death penalty, this sets a very bad precedent.

Imagine the outcry if a future Republican governor should declare a moratorium on late-term abortions in this state, or on same-sex marriage. Well, that door is now wide open.

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