Burglar breaks into Thurston County Animal Services in Olympia

Staff writerFebruary 25, 2014 

The burglar who broke into Thurston County Animal Services on Martin Way E. early Tuesday morning literally entered the building like a dog.

The man crawled through a public kennel door that is open 24 hours a day where people can leave unwanted dogs and anonymously put them up for adoption, Thurston County Animal Services Director Susanne Beauregard said.

The public door can be closed by someone leaving a pet. Then the dog can safely enter the kennel inside the Animal Services building through a small dog-sized door, she added.

Once inside the kennel, the suspect smashed his weight against the locked metal door to the cage until he literally broke the welding off of its gate. The man must have been strong, because gate is built strong enough to hold a Rottweiler, she added.

The time stamp on the surveillance footage of the break-in at Animal Services shows the suspect gained access to the building about 3:45 a.m. Tuesday, Beauregard said.

"He did look at the camera a couple of times, but the lighting wasn't great," Beauregard said.

The man stole two duty belts that are carried by animal control officers, Beauregard said. The duty belts include asps, maces, and the badges carried by animal control officers, she said.

The man also stole keys to a vehicle, cameras, a digital projector, a cell phone, a GPS device and cords for Beauregard's iPad and iPhone. Beauregard said the man stayed in the building until almost 6 a.m., rifling through employees' desks and generally making a mess.

"The jerk," Beauregard said. "My office looked like a tornado went through it."

Olympia Police Department spokeswoman Laura Wohl confirmed that the detectives are investigating the break-in, but so far, there are no suspects.

Anyone with information that can help lead to an arrest of a suspect in the case is encouraged to call the Olympia Police Department at 360-753-8300, and ask for the detectives division.

Jeremy Pawloski: 360-754-5445; jpawloski@theolympian.com

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