Does Interfaith reflect its member churches?

OlympiaFebruary 28, 2014 

I attended a very well-scripted presentation by the Interfaith Works organization the evening of Feb. 19 promoting the People’s House in downtown Olympia. The meeting was attended by maybe 150 people on both sides of the issue concerning the location of the proposed site on Thurston Street.

My observation at the start of the meeting was that all attendees were in favor of helping to fix Olympia’s homeless problem. During the open questioning period, it was very obvious that the Interfaith group had no interest in considering alternative sites. The discussions turned into a for-or-against the homeless.

The mood was that the 300-plus seniors of Boardwalk, Children’s Hands on Museum and related businesses should buck up and get ready because we are coming to do good.

I wonder if the Interfaith member churches really know how they are being represented.

The next question, is Interfaith ready to step up to pay the on-going costs associated if People’s House loses taxpayer funds?

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