There are new costs for legalizing cannabis

OlympiaMarch 5, 2014 

The state has predicted it will receive $190 million annually from marijuana sales. What they didn’t reveal is the increase in cost to hospitals, treatment facilities, schools, law enforcement, and state and local agencies. The two biggest problems that I predict will happen over the next five to 10 years will be increased cost in law enforcement and medical costs related to treatment.

After the state puts its tax on legal operations and the growers set their prices (some have reported expenses at almost $400,000) the sell price could almost double black market prices. It only makes sense that illegal sales will double due to the high cost of legal marijuana, and the cartels will see the high cost of state-approved sales as a benefit to their operations. Hence more law enforcement problems along with court and jail issues.

We already know what smoking does to our health, and by legalizing marijuana, we are encouraging people to smoke yet another killer. This doesn’t scratch the surface on addiction issues.

I would caution anyone planning a small operation to show caution in becoming involved in this new wonderful state plan or they may fall victim as others did when they bought into the grand plan of privatization of liquor sales.

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