Lawmakers delegate hard decisions to state agencies

LaceyMarch 5, 2014 

Lazy government? Plenty of ugly terms describe today’s governments. None covers the canyon of confusion like ‘lazy’ does. Here’s why. Over time, assembling other citizens and appointing them to bureaus or committees to help make critical decisions took root. Committee’s proliferated — decisions delayed — bureaus boomed — expenses exploded — taxes increased — governments grew — regulations arrived — enforcements escalated — and — well, here we are.

Our Legislature also uses bureaus and committees to subvert the will of the people. Voters in 1998 approved medical marijuana in the state (never implemented by the way); and again in 2012 voted to approve and legalize recreational marijuana. It’s about to be twisted and turned into another tax trap that will ultimately fail and benefit the black market — just to sustain incomes for Liquor Control Board appointees and staff, and to maintain the cover elected officials use to avoid honoring decisions made by a majority of Washington citizens. Really?

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