Despite outpouring, Viper’s crushing likely

OlympianMarch 6, 2014 

Wednesday’s news that the $250,000 prototype Dodge Viper at South Puget Sound Community College may soon be its way to the crusher sent a wave of outrage ricocheting through the blogosphere.

That’s given some hope to Norm Chapman, automotive technology professor at SPSCC.

“Maybe the governor or somebody can give it a pardon,” he said. “If they can do it for a turkey, why not this car?”

Chrysler wants the pre-production vehicle destroyed, saying the risk that it may end up on the street is too high.

LeMay-America’s Car Museum in Tacoma, will likely not be its savior, according to Scot Keller, the museum’s chief curator.

Having been a GM executive himself for many years, Keller said he knows that trying to rescue the vehicle would almost certainly be pointless.

“It’s heartbreaking if you love cars,” Keller said, “but it’s the only thing companies can do to keep the cars from getting out there and people potentially being harmed in them because they are not up to standards.”


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