Science carfeully moves us forward with facts

LaceyMarch 6, 2014 

This is to rebut the anti-science gibberish in Charles Krauthammer’s column on Feb. 25: Science is a search for facts, through careful observation and measurement as well as properly designed and controlled experiments.

Global warming is a fact confirmed by more than adequate data and supported by scientists who have properly studied the data. Krauthammer’s predictions are warnings of likely consequences of global warming which we can now avoid but once they happen we may not be able to reverse.

He belittles superstorm Sandy because it was less intensive than a hurricane, but its size coupled with the sea level change already happening due to melting of polar ice made for a terribly destructive scenario that no one should joke about.

Modern medicine is based on science but must often move ahead with insufficient surety because people are in need of the best judgment available at the time. Medical practitioners are cautious in order to avoid failing to treat possible breast cancers. I underwent a needle biopsy which was negative for cancer after a questionable mammogram of a lump found after a motor vehicle accident.

I was glad to be sure that I was OK, not criticizing anyone for my inconvenience. I guess we can’t expect Krauthammer to understand breast cancer.

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