Rifle bill would pass if given a vote in House

OlympiaMarch 8, 2014 

Of the people, by the people, for the people? This wasn’t the case at at House Judiciary Committee meeting for HB5956 regarding short-barreled rifles. The bill passed the Senate 47-0. From there it went to the House where it had very strong bi-partisan support and was also expected to pass.

Only one person stood in its way, House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Laurie Jinkins. As chair, it is ultimately her decision on which bills will receive a vote in her committee. A few dozen people showed for the hearing. Everybody who signed in was for the bill and none opposed. During the first speaker she announced that this wouldn’t be voted on this year and “maybe we will get around to it next year.”

A bill that would bring state law in alignment with the existing federal law regarding short-barreled rifles.

After Jinkins closed the meeting, Rep. Steve Kirby approached a group of us and apologized, saying that he would have votes yes, and this would have passed out of Judiciary if given the chance. He said it’s “not about right or wrong, it’s just politics.”

Shame on Jinkins for failing to do your job as a representative of the people of this State.

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