Drugs, violence will shift into city’s neighborhood

OlympiaMarch 9, 2014 

I have just a few questions for the Interfaith Works community and those advocating for a low-barrier housing shelter.

Will smoking be allowed in the Peoples House (PH)? If no, how will that be enforced? Will open bottles of beer, wine and/or hard liquor be allowed in the PH? If no, how will that be enforced?

Will weapons (knives, nunchucks and the like) be allowed to be flashed in the PH? If no, how will that be enforced? Will heroin and meth addicts be allowed to shoot up in the PH? If no, then how will that ban be enforced? Will dogs be allowed to overnight in the PH?

The obvious enforcement will be to make those guests do their drinking, smoking, drugs, intimidations and others outside the PH doors. And that moves it all to the front doors of our senior citizens down there.

You want that? And do you really want the Peoples House (and the city of Olympia) to become a mecca for drug addicts and anarchists from all up and down the Interstate 5 corridor?

And finally, if the Interfaith community is so hot and bothered about keeping the “rules-adverse” warm, dry and protected, why don’t they just open the doors to their churches and gathering places? I would imagine that a few square feet of warm carpet would be like heaven itself to those used to sleeping in downtown doorways.

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