Who will pick up needles from new urban park?

OlympiaMarch 11, 2014 

Why is the city going into the food truck business at the artesian well? $142,000 for a parking lot that is already built seems like a lot of money. Isn’t this a conflict of interest for the city to get into the business of creating commercial space with our tax money?

Isn’t it also unfair for the restaurants downtown who are paying thousands a month in rent and taxes and thousands to create their store front in its inception? Who is this really benefiting? Will there also be free parking for these trucks? None of the other businesses downtown have free parking.

Who will maintain this urban park? Is this another park to be maintained with city funds? Is this development just to make the homeless and drug dealers feel cozy? Will the council members come every morning to pick up the needles and the feces and the garbage?

If the council wants a food truck court, why don’t they go into business on their own and see just how expensive it is to create this space with their own money.

Stop wasting our tax money on your own ineffective projects that benefit nobody.

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