Demographics improve odds of getting into UW this year

The Seattle TimesMarch 12, 2014 

For all of those high-school seniors waiting for a fat envelope to arrive from the college of their choice, give Mom and Dad a hug: Due to either good planning or sheer luck, they gave birth to you at the bottom of a demographic trough.

The number of high-school graduates in the state this year — indeed, across the nation — is the lowest in four years. In Washington, about 5,000 fewer are expected to get a diploma than in 2010, according to the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE), which tracks demographic trends nationwide.

This year, nearly 69 percent of in-state freshman applicants to the University of Washington will get an acceptance letter in the mail this month. Letters will be sent March 15-31.

That’s a slightly higher percentage than in 2013 and 2012, when between 63 and 65 percent of in-state applicants were admitted.

“The chances of getting in this year happen to be better than in recent years,” said UW spokesman Norm Arkans. But he underscored that getting into the UW still requires top grades, high college entrance-exam scores and a résumé of high-school achievements.


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