Will antisemitism ever fade away this century?

OlympiaMarch 13, 2014 

Recently an elderly, family acquaintance, well-educated and member of the Greatest Generation, who always wears his little elephant pin, recognized my baby-boomer spouse at a local business. Hey, I thought that was you,” he began, “But you’re so dark, I thought at first you were a Mexican!”

My spouse did not laugh but replied, “I just got back from golfing in Palm Springs.” The elderly gentleman continued. “Palm Springs?! It’s way too expensive to golf down there. A hundred dollars per round!” My spouse explained, “Well, my brother belongs to one of the clubs so I get a great discount. Only thirty dollars.”

“Thirty dollars?” The man marveled and laughed, “Wow! What synagogue do you belong to?” My spouse remained stoned face until the man added, “That was a joke!”

Do you suppose these attitudes will eventually die out in the 21st century? And what was the point of World War II?

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