LBA woods proposal is insult to urban planning

OlympiaMarch 14, 2014 

Boy, the LBA Woods Park people must have some pretty good rose-colored glasses. Their arguments for spending up to millions of tax dollars to expand an already existing, large city park are so ridiculous that I’m not sure where to begin.

First of all, if dry, low-slope, well-drained ground within the Urban Growth Area that is close to existing parks, schools and with good access for public transit isn’t a place we should be building homes, what on earth is? The site is a poster child for residential development.

Second, while wanting a place in town to experience nature is a noble endeavor, not every undeveloped vacant lot deserves it. Places like Priest Point, Watershed and Heritage Parks are true role models for the urban preservation of our legacy habitats. LBA Woods doesn’t even come close.

And finally, here’s the real deal. The people who want to save this property are mostly the ones who live adjacent to it on land that was once exactly the same as the proposed LBA Woods Park. The ultimate reason they don’t want this landscape developed into homes like their property was is because they now use the area as their personal open space.

Saving significant, urban, native habitats is an endeavor that later generations end up being thankful for. Saving the undeveloped backyards of existing single-family homes within landscape designated for human habitation is an insult to urban planning.

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