Attempt to be impartial plays into GOP’s hands

YelmMarch 14, 2014 

I was deeply disturbed by The Olympian’s headline, “Veterans benefits bill dies in conflicted Senate” and that “partisan bickering helps to kill $21 billion package.”

The bill was introduced by the Democrats in the Senate and the only ones that voted against the bill were the Republicans. In fact 40 Republican senators voted against the bill. The Olympian headline suggests that the demise of the bill was equally spread among Democrats and Republicans when in fact the bill was killed solely by the Republicans who objected for the first time in history to pay for the Veterans Bill by savings from the drawdown of a war.

I don’t understand how our media services are always looking to blame both parties when it is obvious the Republicans in Congress are the ones paralyzing our country and impeding progress. In an obsession to always be impartial the media is playing into conservative hands and forgetting to actually report the truth.

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