Lacey joins long list of nanny governments

OlympiaMarch 15, 2014 

How wonderful that the Lacey city fathers have fallen in line and usurped our right to chose whether we prefer the environmental ills of plastic bags versus the inconvenience and unintended consequences banning them. Though I have a terminal degree, keep well informed, and have spent decades pondering environmental and ethical issues, I am evidently not competent to decide on my own to use reusable totes or paper over plastic grocery bags; I must be compelled by a nanny city government.

I note that there will be a six-month study following implementation. The article in the Olympian was a little short on what the study would look at. No doubt it will address studies done in other plastic-bag-ban jurisdictions where such bans have been accompanied by increases in e. coli and other infections, and will look at impacts such as the increased burden of paper, America’s far-and-away biggest solid-waste problem.

And finally a question: Is this ban saving taxpayers money or solving a city problem or is it an ethical decision made from an environmentalist perspective? It has been awhile, but I don’t recall the segment in my early civics education that described the democratic principle of elected leaders making our moral choices for us. Perhaps I missed that day.

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