Gunn’s response troubling for a lack of transparency

OlympiaMarch 16, 2014 

New Olympia Port Commissioner Sue Gunn expressed concerns at the Feb. 24 Port Commission meeting about the proposed Swantown Marina fuel dock (which is currently in the design phase, but is not yet approved for construction). Subsequently, I asked her for the source of her data and if she had reviewed the port’s feasibility report, permitting and safety report, and cost analysis.

I also asked if she had attended the public meetings on the project and if she knew the status of the Boston Harbor Marina, which has the highest marine fuel prices in South Puget Sound, according to

Commissioner Gunn never answered these questions until another citizen reiterated them at a Port Commission meeting on March 10, 2014, (available for viewing at the port website), stating she thought my questions were “condescending.” She said that her data was derived from unnamed independent experts and phone calls with unnamed people. She added that she had met with the unnamed new owner of Boston Harbor Marina and was encouraging him to meet with the Port of Olympia.

I am very troubled by (1) Commissioner Gunn’s lack of transparency regarding the evidence supporting her concerns about the port’s proposed fuel dock, (2) nonpublic meetings between private and public marina owners that could lead to collusion to maintain high marine fuel prices, and (3) the potential legal liabilities Commissioner Gunn may be creating for the port based on the foregoing.

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