City must worry about what’s happening now

OlympiaMarch 16, 2014 

Olympians won’t have to worry about the rising sea levels – there won’t be any businesses left or people visiting downtown, so you might as well let it flood.

I have visited 36 state capitals in the U.S. and other than Honolulu, none of them have compared to the beautiful physical location of Olympia. It should be a shining beacon. Instead it is a drug- and homeless-infested mess.

Every time I read about the 20-year city council plan, I get more depressed. There are no plans to encourage redevelopment of housing or businesses. I grew up here when downtown Olympia was vibrant. It breaks my heart to see our state’s capital city deteriorate.

I worked in downtown San Francisco for six years as it was overrun by negative influences. Finally the business people got sick of it. No one was leaving their heart or money in San Francisco anymore. If you want to see places that have revitalized themselves, go to Broadway in downtown Manhattan or Baltimore Maryland’s Inner Harbor.

Just for clarity, I believe in global warming and support the Sierra Club, so I’m not some neotlithic cave person. But our capital city deserves better, and so do we.

Quit worrying about what might happen 30 years from now and worry about what is actually happening now. I have a list a mile long of potential projects. I’m sure that someone on the City Council must have some imagination.

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