Thurston Crisis Clinic owns its home, after 24 years

The OlympianMarch 17, 2014 


Most people dream of owning their home some day, even nonprofit organizations such as the Crisis Clinic of Thurston County. The clinic achieved its goal recently with a payment of $1. The clinic bought its house – where it has been located for the past 24 years – from Thurston County. Congrats!


Salmon fishers are drooling over reports that say the size of this year’s run of coho on the Nisqually River should more than triple over last year. The state Department of Fish and Wildlife predict 20,322 fish this year. There were just 7,719 fish in 2013. The DFW also forecasts a record run on the Columbia River. If you don’t fish, this is a good year to befriend someone who does.


Air Force veteran and former Olympia mayor Mark Foutch wonders why it’s possible to switch off an airplane’s radar transponder, and why the FAA allows it. The absence of a transponder signal has complicated the search for the missing Malaysian 777. Foutch raised the issue after 9/11, when losing transponder signals from four airliners commandeered by terrorists were difficult to locate.


The Olympian presented its Best of South Sound awards at last week’s Thurston County Chamber forum. Thousands of readers cast votes for the 122 winners in categories ranging from banks to hair salons and landscapers. After the event, someone asked if cannabis retail stores or growers would be included next year. Hmmmm, what a new world we’ve created.


The group of South Sound seniors who love to perform as Entertainment Explosion raised nearly $25,000 recently for regional support of the homeless and children from low-income families. This year’s Really Big Shoe was the group’s eighth. It has donated more than $160,000 over the years.


While an Army general was being tried on sexual assault charges, the U.S. Senate took one step forward and another one backward on curbing sex crimes in the military. The Senate passed one bill that would make it easier to prosecute soldiers charged with sex crimes, but it failed to pass another bill that would have stripped commanding officers of the power to decide which charges go to trial. Stronger congressional action is needed.


A California man has sued a Las Vegas casino that served him with drinks while he lost $500,000 playing blackjack. The man argues he should not be responsible for the debt because he was drunk, and he charges the casino plied him with drinks and lent him money so he would continue playing. Duh. That’s why the drinks are free.

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