Our enemies must fear a strong military force

TumwaterMarch 17, 2014 

It’s funny how history repeats itself. Right before Pearl Harbor, we didn’t have a proper military due to our isolationist policies. And now, we are weakening our military once again.

At Pearl Harbor, it was not the admirals or generals that caused the slaughter; it was the simple fact that the government did not put enough money into the military. The navy did not have enough airplanes for adequate patrols, and they had to rely on radar. Three-thousand lives were lost that day. If our enemies don’t respect us, how in the long run will we preserve the peace? If our enemies fear that we are going to act, then there is a better chance that we won’t need to.

I question whether the administration understands this. The president needs to change his priorities. He spends our money on entitlements and not enough on our military.

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