Olympia father accused of slamming 2-year-old son on the ground

Staff writerMarch 17, 2014 

26-year-old Tristan Jones is accused of beating his 2-year-old son.


A 26-year-old Olympia man convicted in 2010 of third-degree assault for choking a 10-year-old boy was arrested again on Saturday on suspicion of beating his own 2-year-old son, court papers state.

Tristan Jones allegedly picked his own 2-year-old son up and slammed him on the floor on Saturday, knocking the wind out of the tot, court papers state. Jones also allegedly struck the child in the face with a medical crutch at an apartment on Division Street, cutting his face, according to court papers.

During a court hearing Monday, Thurston County Superior Court Judge Anne Hirsch found probable cause to support the allegation that Tristan Jones committed second-degree assault of a child. Hirsch set Jones' bail at $75,000.

Hirsch said she was concerned about community safety, given Jones' prior conviction for choking a 10-year-old boy.

According to court papers:

The alleged assault occurred while Jones was with four other people at an apartment in the 500 block of Division Street, drinking alcohol. A witness who told police he was shocked by Jones' assaults said the group of adults was "very intoxicated."

The witness told an Olympia police officer that he saw Jones pick up his 2-year-old son "with his right hand, over his head, and slam him onto the floor. He said that this obviously knocked the wind out of (the 2-year-old) and he had difficulty breathing."

The witness said he tried to intervene after Jones then started hitting his other children with a walking crutch. The witness said Jones hit his 2-year-old son with the crutch, causing him to bleed from the face.

The witness said when he tried to intervene, Jones punched him in the face five times. The witness said he then left and called 911.

When an Olympia police officer arrived, the officer noted that there were three children and several adults in the apartment, and the adults were too intoxicated to care for children.

Medics took the 2-year-old boy to Providence St. Peter Hospital for treatment for his injuries. When a police officer asked the 2-year-old boy how he hurt his face, the boy responded, "Daddy."

Olympia police obtained a search warrant and found the crutches in a closet. The other adults in the home said the 2-year-old was injured when he was playing and fell to the ground.

Jones had left the scene when police arrived. When Jones returned, he said he was "horsing" around with the children, and denied intentionally causing injury to his son. He said his 2-year-old son was injured when he fell down the stairs earlier in the day.

All three of the children in Jones' home were taken into the custody of Child Protective Services.

Thurston County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Cassandra Jones said Monday she was unsure of the extent of the 2-year-old's injuries.

During the incident that led to Jones' 2010 conviction, a 10-year-old boy at the same Division Street apartment complex told Olympia police that on July 9, 2010, Jones held him in the air and choked him.

The 10-year-old boy said Jones choked him because he had kicked Jones while Jones was holding a juvenile female down on the ground. The 10-year-old said he kicked Jones because he thought Jones was hurting the juvenile female.

The 10-year-old said that Jones choked him, he ran crying to a group of several people and told them what happened. This group then approached Jones and began "beating him up," the 10-year-old said.

Jones pleaded guilty to third-degree assault on October, 10, 2010, in connection with the incident, and was sentenced to 22 days in jail. After he was released from jail, Jones violated the terms of his supervision when he tested positive for marijuana in early 2011, and failed to enter an anger management treatment program he was ordered to attend.


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