Olympia, take back our city from crime

OlympiaMarch 18, 2014 

I read your article concerning Bailey Motel and am deeply concerned for the safety of my neighbors and my land – 6.8 acres that is next door and directly south of this mess.

I grew up in this home since 1942 and have watched the unfortunate decay of the property in the past 18 years. There are homeless people in makeshift lean-tos on my once beautiful parklike property. As if that isn’t enough, I now know of the crimes that are taking place at Bailey Motel neighborhood. I watched KING-5 several nights ago to see the latest crimes committed there.

I fear for the safety of my tenants and my neighbors. When are we – city of Olympia – going to not enable these people and take back our town? Olympia, please don’t build a building to house these people and feed and clothe them as they throw away their lives and everything we give them on drugs.

I believe in helping the people down on their luck with medical bills and military veterans that come back from war with disabilities, but criminals, alcoholics and druggies should not be sheltered for life in our neighborhoods.

I can’t believe the Stoll Road/Martin Way neighborhood has deteriorated to this. I wish for the day that a beautiful home for the elderly could be built or a sparkling new physicians’ clinic on the now devastated grounds where I grew up and know as my home.

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