Management changes needed within BHR

ElmaMarch 19, 2014 

I am a licensed mental health therapist with Behavioral Health Resources and am concerned about coverage of the financial situation that BHR now finds itself in. For seven years, BHR employees have worked to serve the needs of the mentally ill without a cost-of-living raise and have made significant financial sacrifices in an effort to bail BHR out of repeated financial crises. BHR management has consistently denied responsibility for any of the financial difficulties and has repeatedly focused attention to increasing productivity of the therapist and case manager without significant effort to make changes that support them.

BHR management has created unobtainable productivity goals and then threatened to fire employees who do not meet the goals. Morale at BHR among the staff working under this management style has plummeted and has created an unhealthy work environment, exactly what is not needed in our efforts to increase productivity.

As we continue to work to serve our clients and keep BHR afloat, we are requesting the management structure be evaluated because it is not working. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

It’s time to explore changes in the organization’s management to facilitate positive changes at BHR, to provide better service to our clients and to support the people, the hard working staff members at BHR who provide the actual care.

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