Olympia wasting water at the artesian well site

OlympiaMarch 20, 2014 

Yesterday I finally found the artesian well downtown. Was very surprised by setting. About a dozen homeless kids hanging out, sleeping, sitting or lying on all seating surfaces. A bit intimidating, but no one even acknowledged me or others who arrived.

More surprising was my first thought: What an incredible squandering and waste of an incredible resource! Were this a village in Mexico or southwestern United States, a town center with a stream, a pond, a fountain, plants, etc. would have been created. More shocking is that the pipe does not have a valve on it, instead a steady large stream of water, gallons a minute pours out into a drain and I guess through a pipe to the Sound. What a waste!

Connect this with the wandering empty stream outside of LOTT or better yet, create a stream flowing up and down the streets of downtown to help with revitalization. Imagine how each business owner would landscape their section of the stream flowing by; little bridges, windmills, waterwheels, fountains, koi or ... let millions of gallons a year pour out of a pipe into a hole in the ground. Shocking.

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