Rally would oppose port fracking import

OlympiaMarch 20, 2014 

The Port of Olympia Commission will meet at 5:30 p.m. March 24 at Tumwater Town Center to vote on renewing its contract with the fracking industry. Olympia residents have been resisting the use of the Port of Olympia by the fracking industry for more than a year now.

Fracking has been destroying clean drinking water all over the world for the past few years ever since this new fossil fuel industry was developed to continue the extraction of otherwise unreachable fossil fuels, no matter what the cost to residents of communities unfortunate enough to live near shale oil formations and the aquifers they depend on for life.

Climate scientists say that one day downtown Olympia and its port will be submerged by the rise of the Salish Sea. By doing business with the fracking industry, not only is the port facilitating the destruction of the life systems for people in Lakota territory, it is also participating in it’s own demise.

Join us Thursday on the spring equinox, the first day of a new season, to celebrate the Earth by taking a stand against those who profit from its destruction. Let’s rally at Percival Landing, take a moment to contemplate the ever-rising tide caused by continued use of fossil fuel, the importance of clean water and march to the entrance of the Port of Olympia.

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