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Here are more photos, video on the State Patrol building concepts

OlympianMarch 20, 2014 

Three teams of architects and construction firms made public presentations Wednesday evening showing off some of the designs they have submitted as bids to the state for a new state office building on the Capitol Campus. But the sessions were not tape-recorded by state officials, who cited legal confidentiality claims made by lawyers for the three design teams.

But The Olympian shot a few photos of the PowerPoint presentations made by the teams, and Olympia open-government activist Walt Jorgensen video-taped the presentations.

You should be able to get more of an idea of the $82 million project's alternative designs from the photos and video posted below - all of which were filmed under difficult conditions in a dark auditorium at state Office Building 2 east of the Capitol.

The first video first video features Enterprise Services director Chris Liu and DES’s project director Rick Browning talking about the 1063 project that is named for the 1063 Capitol Way address of an office building that would be demolished to make room for it.

At the 26:15 mark, this video also features the first part of the presentation by several members of a design team that includes Hoffman Construction (vice president Lyle Martin speaks first), Belay Architecture and GBD Architects. Hoffman and Belay did Olympia’s city hall project completed in 2011:


The $82 million project is intended to give the State Patrol a new permanent home as well as an easy way to empty out WSP's current home, the aging General Administration Building that sits immediately to the west of the project site. The project faces some legislative uncertainty, but if it's built the more than  – it would be the first major structure added to the west Capitol Campus in a half-century.

What follows are three other segments of video. The second video is shortest, featuring additional audience questions and answers by the Hoffman/Belay team:

The third video features a proposal from Sellen Construction and ZGF Architects, which completed Federal Center South, an energy efficient structure for the Army Corps of Engineers located on Duwamish Waterway in 2009. The speaker is Allyn Stellmacher of ZGF Architects:

The fourth video features several members of the Mortenson Construction and SRG Partnership team. Mortenson oversaw the Legislative Building renovation in 2002-04 and SRG was the design team on the Legislative Building project. Speakers include Marvin Doster of Mortenson (left) and Rick Zieve of SRG (right):


As we reported Wednesday night, a special bid-review team selected by the Department of Enterprise Services is now looking in detail at the proposals and plans to announce an apparent winning bidder by March 28. That story also has some descriptions of the projects. 

But under the design build competition that winnowed proposals down to three, very little information has been made public about the proposals - until the presentations.

So far, Sellen and ZGF released the only artist’s conception of a project design, which is attached to this post. I've also posted my low-production photos of the overall design from the Hoffman/Belay/GBD proposal and also from Mortenson/SRG.

We’ll make more information available as we are able to get it. 

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