Crime has changed over the last 77 years

Hawk’s PrairieMarch 22, 2014 

Have you ever returned home in mid-day and encountered a pair of burglars exiting your front door carrying bags of plunder? Such was my experience recently at my home in Hawks Prairie. A pick-up with motor running was in my driveway and, as I parked my car, a pair of miscreants burst out of the front door.

I was shocked and, as a senior citizen, not inclined to confront the two young men. I did, however, give it thought. A call to 911 resulted in the Lacey police arriving at my home within two minutes.

Because I had recorded the license plate number the truck was impounded within 24 hours and one person in custody. Good police work. We lost some cherished items and it is not likely that such will be recovered. Thankfully, no one was injured.

The sense of being violated is not easy to deal with, but such incidents have become far too common in our area. My experience is a reminder that Thurston County is now far different from what it was 77 years ago when I was born on the hill at old St. Peter Hospital. My home was locked and, so I thought, quite secure.

Guess again — windows are easily pushed out. Citizens, protect yourself and your property.

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